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Lord, I Thank You For Loving Me

Lord, I thank you for loving me. I thank you for allowing me to sleep; I thank you for allowing me to wake up to see another day. Lord, help me to spend this day wisely; I will never see this day again. I thank you Lord for letting me live to see and witness this time in my life. Truly it is a Blessing to be breathing and not only do I thank you for that Blessing; I thank you for all the extra Blessings that you so Graciously have placed on me. I thank you not only for my life, health and strength. I thank you for my children, their spouses, my grand-children’s life, health and strength as well. Patience has been the key for me. I must have patience: Luke 21:19: In your patience possess ye your souls.

I rebuke every spirit that would try to exalt itself against the Holy Spirit that dwells in me! Lord, I commit my mind, soul and body to you today and each day.

Lord, I pray that you would continue to lead; guide and direct me; in the way that you would have ne to go! In Jesus Precious name! Amen! Amen! Amen!

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Sit down and make a list of at least 50 Things that you personally are thankful to God for today. We only have the gift of the present. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised. Think about it! Lord I thank you for:

  1. For allowing me to sleep.
  2. For allowing me to wake up.
  3. For allowing me to see another Day; which I have not seen and will never see again
  4. Breathing
  5. Grace
  6. Mercy
  7. Your Presence
  8. Your Love and kindness and care
  9. Your direction
  10. Your Provision
  11. You speaking to me and allowing me to hear
  12. Being able to walk
  13. Your touch
  14. For saving me
  15. For keeping me
  16. Comprehension
  17. Talk
  18. Touch
  19. Cry; every tear that I shed.
  20. Feel
  21. Smell
  22. Taste
  23. Peace
  24. You loving kindness
  25. Deliverance
  26. A roof over my Head
  27. The air that I breathe.
  28. My life, health and strength.
  29. Time with My Parents
  30. The life, health and strength of my children and their spouses.
  31. The Life, health and strength of my Grandchildren (All of them)
  32. Every step you allow me to make.
  33. My Sister and Brothers
  34. Friends, associates and enemies.
  35. A desire to want to do right; to please you!
  36. Because of who you are
  37. A desire to praise you.
  38. Protection
  39. Nieces, Nephews
  40. Cousins
  41. Finances
  42. Transportation
  43. A desire to love and help your people
  44. The ability to forgive
  45. Flexibility
  46. Food
  47. Clothing
  48. Healing
  49. Air conditioning
  50. Clean Water
  51. Thank you Lord for what you have already done in my life; thank you for    what you are currently doing in my life; thank you for what you are going to do in my life.
  52. The ability to comprehend

. Thank you Lord; because of who you are

Once you start; the list goes on. And on!

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Make a Habit of being Grateful!

I had said “Set one Day aside just to thank God” The more, I thought about it. I was wrong, I was going about it in the wrong way! I can’t go a minute without God. Remember, I must close all the doors to the enemy! I can’t allow him any entrance into my Life!

I meant no harm; but if I allow this to go on, Pride will enter in. Please understand; Barbara can’t do anything without the Lord. Not even breathe!

So, this is it. I will make a habit of being more Grateful! Instead of asking all the time; I will Thank God! Example: Thank you Lord for allowing me to see another Day, I have not seen before and I will never see again. Help me to use it wisely.

Thank you for the activity of my Limbs. Thank you for the ability to Breathe, see, hear, touch and feel, talk and for the ability to comprehend, thank you for the ability to smell. Thank you for allowing me to sleep and to wake up. Thank you for my Life, Health and Strength. Thank you for the Life, health and strength of my Children and their Spouses, My Grandchildren, for Generations to come that will give their lives to you and serve you!

Thank you for the Provisions that you continue to make for me.

Thank you for a mind to serve you. Thank you for all the blessings that you have so graciously bestowed upon me. Thank you for what you have already done; Thank you for what you are doing and what you are going to do in all of our lives! I Pray!


Your child, Barbara



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