Hebrews 13: 16 But to do good and to comnunicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

I believe;  we should communicate in Love;  when someone hurts us. Regardless; of whom that person is.

We must pray first; then talk to the individual.

It is not okay;  to hurt one another.

Neither is it okay;  to go around hurt and no tell the person ot persons that have hurt you

I thought about; the children of Israel.

Have you been around the same mountain long enough?

Are you repeating; the same test over and over?

Do you need to do somr self examination?

I have been there and fone that.

Sometimes;  we do things to ourselves.

Take an honest look at your life.

One of the best things;  the Lord did for me;  was to show me myself!

Communication; is important in any relationship.

God wants us to not only listen to Him; He wants us to talk to Him.

We are to live by Faith.

Sometimes;  I have to talk to myself.

I use to think; that was crazy.

I have learned;  since I am always with me and I know;  I will speak positive to me. I will also listen to me.

I will no longer;  try to force my views in anyone.

I have realized; we all must answer to God for ourselves.

We must take the time to talk to one another.

Communication requires; not only talking;  it requires listening as well.

We each must do our part.

I cannot; express enough;  the importance of communication in our relationships.

Look at the Bible; for instance. God is constantly communicating with us!

I am not normally;  a talkative person.

However;  when I began talking about the Lord.  You may have to pull my coat. (Smile)

That was a sign; in the church;  the person needed to hush.

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