Destroying Generational Curses

Destroying Generational Curses

From my Prayer book

Heavenly Father, I (we) come to You now in the Name of my (our) Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. Lord Jesus Christ, I (we) believe that You are the Son of God; that You died on the cross for my (our) sins; that God raised You from the dead and You ascended to heaven. Heavenly Father, I (we) repent of any sins in my (our) life (lives) and my (our) ancestors’ lives, going back 25 generations, that have resulted in a curse or curses on me, or on _____. I (we) repent of all and any sins of: not keeping Your commandments: having other gods before You; making or buying images, bowing down to or serving images; for taking the Lord my (our) God’s Name in vain; for not observing and keeping holy the Sabbath day; not honoring my (our) father and/or mother; murder; adultery; stealing; bearing false witness; coveting a neighbor’s spouse, house, land, servants, donkey, or anything that is my neighbor’s; not loving You with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my mind; not loving my neighbor as myself, or not loving myself (see sin list). I (we) ask Your forgiveness and cleansing through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ according to 1 John 1:9 and John 14:14. Heavenly Father, I (we) repented of all of my (our) sins and I (we) thank You for forgiving me (us). In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I (we) now ask You to destroy all curses, generational curses that have been placed on me (us), my (our) spouse, and my (our) children, including ten generations.

 Sin list

abandonment, abduction, abhorrence of holy things, abhorring judgment, abomination, abortion, abusiveness, accusation, adulterous lust, adultery, afflicting others, aggravation, agitation, aiding and abetting sin, alcoholism, all unrighteousness, anger, animosity, anxiety, apprehension, argumentativeness, arrogance, assaults, astrology, atheism, avariciousness, Baal worship, backbiting, backsliding, bad attitude, bad language, bearing false witness, big talk, being a workaholic, being too quick to speak,  believing the lies of the enemy, belittling, bereavement, betraying Jesus, bickering, bigotry, bitterness, black magic, blackmail, blasphemy, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, boastfulness, boisterousness, bowing down to gods or serving images, bragging, brainwashing, breaking commandments of God, breaking vows and covenants to God,  breaking covenants and vows with others, bribery, brutality, burning incense to gods, calamity, carelessness, cares & riches of this world, carnality, casting God away, causing disagreements, causing distress, causing division,  causing fear, causing men to err,  causing offense, causing poor to fail, changing truth to lies, chanting of charms, cheating, coming against God’s anointed, committing willful and/or intentional sin, complaining, complacency against God’s will or destiny, conceit, concupiscence, condemnation, condemning the just, causing conflict,  confrontation, confusion,  conjuration, conspiring against God, consulting wizards and psychics, contempt, contention, controlling, conniving, compulsiveness, contentiousness, contesting and withstanding or resisting God, corruption, counterfeiting Christian work, covering sin, coveting neighbor’s spouse, spouse, brother, sister, house, land, automobile, or anything that is our neighbor’s; covetousness, cravenness, criticalness, crookedness, cruelty, using crystals, cursing God, cursing, cynicalism, dealing treacherously, deceit, deception, defamation, defeatism, defiantness, defiling, degrading, dejection, demon consciousness, demon worship, denying Jesus and His resurrection, dependencies, depravity, desecration of holy vessels, desires of this world, despair, despising God, His Name and His Word, despising spouse, despising neighbors, despising parents, despitefulness, despondency, destruction of the innocent, saints and holy things;  deviousness, disagreements, disbelief, discord, discouragement, discrediting, disdain, disgust, dishonesty, disliking the love of good men, disobedience, disobedient to God, disorderly, disputing, disregard of God’s work, disrespectfulness of God, disruptiveness,  dissension,  distantness, distrust, divining, divining for water with rods, divining for money, division, divorce, domineeringness, double-talking,  double mindedness, doubt, dread, driving men from true worship and inheritance,  drug abuse, drunkenness, duplicity, drinking blood, eating blood, eating sin offerings, eating unclean food, effeminate behavior, egotism, enchantment, enlarged imaginations, entering into ungodly soul ties,  entering into unrighteous agreements, envy, envy produced by lust, escaping, evil hearts & imaginations, exasperation, extortion, failure in duty,  failure to glorify God, false burdens, false compassion, falsehood, false praise, false responsibility, fantasizing, fantasy lust, fault finding, fear, fear of accusation, fear of condemnation, fear of disapproval, fear of man, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of reproof, fetishes, fighting, flattery, fleshliness, fooling self and/or others, foolishness,  following any ways of man, folly, forbidding the preaching of God’s Word, forcefulness, forgetting God and His work, fornication, forsaking the assembly, fortune telling, fraud, fretting, frigidity,  frustrations, fury, gendering strife, giving judgment for reward, giving offense, giving others alcohol, gloominess, gluttony, gossip, greed, grieving God and the Holy Spirit, grumbling, guilt, hard-hearted, harlotry, harshness, hating God, hating God’s Word, hating, haughtiness, having other gods before You, headiness, high-minded, holding God’s table in contempt, homosexuality, hopelessness, horoscopes,  human sacrifice, hypocrisy, idleness, idle: words, thoughts, deeds, & actions, idolatries of any kind, ignorance, ignoring God, ignoring His miracles, ill will, imitating true worship,  inhumanity, imaginations, immorality, impatience, impenitence, impetuousness, implacability, imprudence, impurity of thoughts, impurity, inadequacy, incest, incitement, indecision independence, indifferences, inflating, inflexibility, inhospitality, injustice, inquiring of idols, insolence, intemperance, intentional sins, intimidation, intolerances, intellectualism and sophistication, inventing sin, inventing evil, inward wickedness, irrationality, irreverence, jealousy, being judgmental, justifying the wicked, kidnapping, killing, lack of self-control, lawlessness, lasciviousness, laziness, legalism, lesbianism, levitation, lewdness, lying, limiting God, lip service, living contrary to nature, loathing, longing for sin, loneliness, loose morals, looting,  loving to curse, loving evil, loving money, loving to be chief, loving human titles, loving human praise, lust, lust of the eye, lust of the flesh, lust of the mind, laying in wait to sin, lying to the Holy Spirit, lying with pleasure and delight, madness,  magic, male prostitution, making or buying images, making false vows, making God a liar, making war, maliciousness, manipulation, manslaughter, marauding, masturbation, materialism, meanness, misbelieving, mischief, misery, misleading, misuse of the law,  mocking, mulishness, murder, murmuring, murmuring about wages, muttering, necromancy, negativism, nervous habits, nicotine addiction, not having a conscience,  not being a good steward of Your money, not fearing God, not giving to the poor, not honoring fathers and mothers, not letting go of wickedness, not loving God with all our heart, soul and mind; not loving our neighbor as our self, not loving our self, not observing and keeping holy the Sabbath day, not praising and worshiping God the way we should and when we should and how we should, not being watchful, occultism, obsessing, obstinacy,  offering polluted sacrifices, opposing the gospel, oppressing widows and orphans, oppression, overbearing, pastors destroying and scattering sheep, pedophilia, pendulum, persecuting believers, persecuting the poor,  persecution, perversion, perverting the gospel, perverting truth for personal gain, petulance, planning without God, plotting, plundering, polluting God’s house and Sabbaths, pompousness, pornography, possessiveness, pouting, prayerlessness, prejudice, presumption, pretending to be a prophet, pretension, pridefulness, pride of life, procrastination, profane God and His holiness, profanity unto God, professing to be wise, prophecy by Baal, prophesying lies, propagating lies, proudness, provoking God, provoking, puffing up, quarreling, quenching the Holy Spirit, questioning God’s word, raiding, railing, raging, raping, rationalization, ravaging, rebellion, rebuking the Lord,  recklessness, refusing correction, refusing to hear, refusing to repent, refusing to destroy ungodly altars,  refusing to be humble, refusing to live in peace, regarding iniquity in your heart, rejecting reproof, rejecting salvation, rejecting God and His Word,  rejection, rejoicing in others’ adversity, rejoicing in idols, rejoicing in iniquity,  repetitiveness, reproaching  good men, requiring usury,  resentment, restlessness, retaliation, returning evil for good, returning hate for love, reveling, reviling, revenge, rewarding evil for good, rigidity, robbing God, robbery, rudeness, sacrificing children to demons, sadism, scheming, scornfulness, scorning religion, seduction, seeking self gain, seeking pleasures of this world, seizing in an evil way, self-accusations, self-admiration, self-centeredness, self-condemnation, self-corruption, self-criticalness, self-deception, self-delusion, self-destruction, self-exultation, self-glorification, self-hatred, self-importance, self-rejection, selfishness, self-pity, self-righteousness, self-seeking, self-will, serving other gods, setting aside Godly counsel, setting heart to sin, sewing discord, sexual idolatry, sexual immorality, sexual impurity, sexual lewdness, sexual perversion, oral sex, sodomy, shame, shamelessness,  silliness,  sin consciousness, sinful mirth, sissyness, skepticism, slander, slaughter, slaying, slothfulness, snobbishness, soothsaying, sorcery, sowing seeds of hatred, speaking curses, speaking incantations,  speaking folly, speculation,  spell-casting, spiritual laziness, spitefulness, stealing, stiff-necked, strife, striving over leadership,  struggling, stubbornness, stupidity,  suicidal thoughts, suspicion, swallowing up the needy, swearing to false gods, swearing, taking advantage of others, taking a bribe,  taking offense, taking God’s Name in vain, taking rights away from the poor, teaching false doctrines, temper, temptation, tempting God,  theft, threatening disaster, timidity, teaching and tolerating wickedness, tolerating false prophets, tolerating sin and its ways, tolerating wicked men,  trafficking with demons, trickery, two-facedness, trusting lies, trusting our own beauty, trusting in our own righteousness,  trusting wickedness,  tumults, turning to folly, turning aside the way of the meek, turning your back on God, turning from righteousness,  turning aside for money, unbelief, unbridled lust, uncleanness, uncompromising, undermining, unequally yoked to non-believers,  unfairness, unfaithfulness in trust,  unfaithfulness,  unforgiveness, unfriendliness, ungratefulness, unholy alliances, unholy habits, unions with menstrual women, unmanly, unmercifulness, unreadiness,  unrepenting, unrighteousness of laws, unrighteousness, unruliness of tongues, unsparing, un-submissiveness, unthankfulness, untruthfulness, (being) unwise,  unworthiness, using tarot cards, vain imaginations, vain repetitions, vanity, vengeance, viciousness, vile affections, vile speaking,  violence, vulgarity, walking after our own devices,  walking for unprofitable things, walking after our own thoughts, walking after false gods, walking with heathens, walking with sinners, water witching, white magic, wickedness, willful sin, willful blindness to the truth, winking with evil intent,  witchcraft, withdrawal, withholding a pledge, (being) without concern, (being) without natural affection, (being) without mercy,  working iniquity, working for praise, worldliness, worrying, worshipping possessions, worshipping our works,  worshipping the creation instead of  the Creator, worshipping of planets, wrathfulness, wrong doing, zealousness to make others sinful, zealousness in outward show.

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