I Will Make A Habit Of Being More Grateful!

Make a Habit of being Grateful!

I had said “Set one Day aside just to thank God” The more, I thought about it. I was wrong, I was going about it in the wrong way! I can’t go a minute without God. Remember, I must close all the doors to the enemy! I can’t allow him any entrance into my Life!

I meant no harm; but if I allow this to go on, Pride will enter in. Please understand; Barbara can’t do anything without the Lord. Not even breathe!

So, this is it. I will make a habit of being more Grateful! Instead of asking all the time; I will Thank God! Example: Thank you Lord for allowing me to see another Day, I have not seen before and I will never see again. Help me to use it wisely.

Thank you for the activity of my Limbs. Thank you for the ability to Breathe, see, hear, touch and feel, talk and for the ability to comprehend, thank you for the ability to smell. Thank you for allowing me to sleep and to wake up. Thank you for my Life, Health and Strength. Thank you for the Life, health and strength of my Children and their Spouses, My Grandchildren, for Generations to come that will give their lives to you and serve you!

Thank you for the Provisions that you continue to make for me.

Thank you for a mind to serve you. Thank you for all the blessings that you have so graciously bestowed upon me. Thank you for what you have already done; Thank you for what you are doing and what you are going to do in all of our lives! I Pray!


Your child, Barbara



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