After; all these years;  I am remembering what was said to me. When my Husband passed away.

Someone;  was prophesying to me

I was at a church service;  I remember;    the gentleman,  saying to me.

It as though;  your Heart is missing a beat or skipping a beat.

Because;  my Husband had died.

While in the hospital;  recently. I was told my heart was skipping a beat.

My mind automatically went back to that moment.

After all these years and after every thing that has happened.

Why that moment.

It is interesting;  what I remember.

It is interesting what I forget!

To Clarence Fisher Sr.

You are not forgotten.

We began; when I was 12 years of age.

It ceased; at his death in October 9, 1988.

Or did it?

We have 5 children together.

He did not;  live to see any of our Grandchildren.

One of the Grandsons; stutter the way he did.

I think he would be amazed at our family. Now!






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