Thank you; Mama♡

Thank you; Mama

Barbara Fisher

 I had lost parents, a brother, my husband and step-father by the time I was 29 years of age. When I tell you; that things do not have to be as well as they are in your life; just take my word. I wrote this on Mother’s Day 2007.Thank you Mama!Mother’s are about Love. He chose you!We can’t think of Mother’s without thibking of Mary the Mother of Jesus and all she had to go through; she pondered the things about Jesus in her heart, as so many of us Mother’s do.The heart of a Mother Ahhhh!The Love of Jesus combined with a Mother’s Love-Matchless.He chose you to be my Mother. Thank you Mama.I truly thank God for you mama.God chose you to be my mama; from the foundation of the World. He knew you did not want another child.Thank you mama. He knew you were tired.Thank you Mama. I was your 6th and last child. Thank you Mama. You had just had a son, 11 months before I was born.Thank you Mama. God chose you to be my Mother. He is Alpha and Omega.He knew the end before the beginning. He chose you to be my Mother. Thank you Mama.He knew what you were going through. Thank you Mama. He knew; you couldn’t tell me you loved me.Thank you Mama. And because you didn’t; He knew that I would choose to tell mine; that I loved them.That is why; I readily give sincere hugs.Thank you Mama. He knew you didn’t want to encourage me.That is why I seek to to hold and encourage those that are hurting and may be suffering fron low-self esteem. Thank you Mama. He knew yiu would take me to church. Thank you Mama. He knew; that you would not believe That I would even finish High school. That is why I finished High school a year than scheduled; in spite of having 2 children before I finished High school ( by the same young man) (we did marry)Thank you MamaI did not understand your struggle until I became a Mother.Please, forgive me; for my criticism. Thank you Mama. Though you went on to be with the Lord, I say that because you evidently knew the Lord was getting ready to take you home. You thanked me and told me you appreciated me two days before you died and 2 days before my 29th Birthday. I truly Love you Mama. I know that you truly loved me; because when we found the Bible that you carried with you alk the time.The only picture you had in there was a picture of my family and I.I understand the words you could not speak, the hugs you could not give, the comfort that I never experienced from my Mother. Because you took me to church and the church got in me and then I fell in LOVE with the Lord.For the first time in my life; at the age of 49 from my heart.Mama I thank God for you.Love Barbara. I am pleading; with you.Regardless; of how you may feel you were raised; let it go; give it to JesusBarbara’s philosophy; get Better; not bitter.My Mother, was tired; I am Thankful; she did not abort me. I learned things; in this environment; that I would make otherwised learned. My Mother; was an Usher as long as I can remember. I have always been told that people remember her smile. Incidently; people say ” I look just like her! I am honoured. Thank you Mama.I am so proud of my Sons and Daughters. My Grandchildren; are my delight. All 15 of them.

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